This 62 page book details the features and functions of the online corporate MLM software MarketPowerPRO.  Those who like to read books online can download the book in PDF format absolutely FREE.  Those who prefer a hard copy can attend the Workshop and receive a free copy.

Those serious about starting a new MLM company, or those who need to trouble shoot an existing MLM company, should consider attending the “Soup 2 Nuts” Workshops where a free copy of the book is included.

Contact Robert Proctor for scheduled Workshop dates at:

+1 239-945-6433 EST, Florida USA.


Robert is the President and an owner of MultiSoft Corporation, in business since 1987, in Cape Coral, Florida.  Robert is married with two children. His “work hard – play hard” philosophy defines his daily life and allows him to enjoy his passions.


Robert is a mlm software provider and consultant to the industry, and has been involved in the Network Marketing industry for 18 years.


Robert’s involvement in the technology side of the Internet has helped to launch hundreds of network marketing companies. Robert provides consulting in all areas of network marketing including compensation plan development, compensation plan review, company formulation, website design, application, design, 3rd party integration, migration of existing companies and much more.


Robert attributes his successes to “working with” and “helping others”, succeed by being more concerned about their welfare than that of his own; what goes around comes around is his mantra and it has served him well. His diverse background including public speaking, radio & television, sales and marketing, customer service, network operations, and management coupled with nearly 3 decades of programming experience provides a skill-set that is an asset to the companies and owners that he works with.


Robert and his International team have built a scalable MLM Software solution that will empower you to professionally manage your distributors and facilitate sales around the world no matter where your business takes you.  MarketPowerPRO is the driving force and daily operations of nearly a hundred companies representing hundreds of thousands of distributors and customers operating in over twenty countries utilizing numerous languages and currencies.


Do you want to be in business or do you want to dominate the marketplace and make money?  It’s a simple question, but one that you need to seriously consider before choosing a software vendor.  Robert would appreciate the opportunity to meet with you and discuss the many opportunities the he, MarketPowerPRO and his team can provide to meet and exceed your needs and expectations.

MultiSoft office:  +1 239-945-6433 EST